Sadness Quotes for Him

We express our sadness through tears and anger. But one of the best way to show your guy that you're really sad is by sharing a sad quote image. We help you out in sharing a heart touching sad quote with your sad pictures. Go through our best collection of sadness quotes and images exclusively designed to share with "him". You can use these quotes through any social media for your personal non-commercial purposes.

Knowing that those big brown eyes won’t be looking into mine, kills me.

I don’t hate love. I just hate what it does to you in the end.

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Please Don't Go
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Why do I feel so far away from you even though you are sitting right next to me?

You don’t understand that the thought of you being with someone else hurts.

He’s the one I love, but he keeps ignoring me.

Sadness is also a part of the feelings that we must experience. But how we're going to handle it out determines our maturity. When sadness creeps inside your heart, feel it and learn to accept it. Also never fail to share these hard feelings to your beloved person. Let your boyfriend/hubby/love know that you're happy by sharing these love sad feeling images through any social media pages.

I tried to hate you but the only thing I hated is how much I loved you.

It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

I love dreaming, because in my dreams, you’re actually mine.

People will hold your hand through the darkness but then let go when they find the light.

I’m not sure what scares me more, that you will never start loving me, or that I will never stop loving you.

I was born again because of your love, but I died of the same reason.

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